Free DNS Resolver without user logging, no Marketing driven typo interception

IP Addresses
DNS over TLS
Port: 853
SPKI: 2D07CsYgPvP8PB/8NV+ImUSm1mL8yaG8uf5a9v/anSU=

AdBlock is using a alternative hostname/address instead. The advertisements that are getting blocked can be found here:


Use of this service is at own risk. I will not be held responsible for any downtime or mis-use of this free service. No logs are kept regarding DNS related traffic, nor will I turn any over.

No Logging
DNS over DNSCrypt (Coming soon)
DNS over HTTPS (Coming soon)
DNS over TLS
Namecoin TLD (Coming soon)
OpenNIC TLD (Coming soon)


My name is Kolja, i am an IT Specialist working at a local theme park. I Support the Internet with a lot of helpful things. For more informations you can visit my Website.
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